Rise Of The Tomb Raider Headlines July PlayStation Plus Free Games

PlayStation Plus July 2020 free games announced Tomb Raider NBA 2K20

In addition, right now, June 29, is the 10 12 months anniversary of the launch of PlayStation Additionally.Introduced on PlayStation.Web site, all three of these games will be obtainable from July 7 - August 3. But if you prefer some sports action, NBA 2K20 may be more suited to you, and will fill the basketball-shaped void until we get our hands on NBA 2K21 later this year.

PlayStation Plus turns 10 this month and you can celebrate with three free games with the PlayStation Plus lineup in July 2020, including National Basketball Association 2K20!

It's a pretty packed bundle this month, and well worth checking out for anyone with PS Plus membership.

Along with these three free games, a free PlayStation 4 theme will be released later this week to commemorate 10 years of PS Plus.

The second game in Crystal Dynamics' Tomb Raider reboot series sees Lara Croft venturing to Siberia to search for the legendary city of Kitezh and clear her family's name. Until July 6th, you can pick up both Call of Duty: WWII and Star Wars Battlefront II for no extra cost. Javy Gwaltney gave the game a 6.8 in our review, calling it a "decent action-adventure game with some nice moments but it's also lacking in the ambition and artistry embodied by its predecessor".

This feature-length interactive thriller sets out to merge high-fidelity Hollywood production values with engaging, tactile gameplay.

Note: In order to play Erica, you'll need to download the Erica companion app on your smartphone and have a Wi-Fi connection. The post thanks PS Plus users over the last ten years, and also confirms that a special PS4 Theme will be made available later this week in celebration of the milestone. When Sony started giving away monthly free games in 2012, Microsoft matched the service with Games with Gold in 2013. The titular Erica is a young woman dealing with the trauma of her father's murder, and you are tasked with piecing together what happened to him.