Riots break out following death of Rayshard Brooks

Riots break out following death of Rayshard Brooks

She said she was heart-broken watching police body and dash camera videos over the weekend of the encounter between Brooks and two officers.

Atlanta's mayor is vowing to change police use-of-force policies and require that officers receive continuous training in how to deescalate situations before the consequences become fatal.

The Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office tells the Atlanta Journal Constitution that Rayshard Brooks, 27, died because of organ damage and blood loss from the gunshot wounds.

In this still image from video from the body camera of officer Devin Bronsan, former Atlanta police officer Garrett Rolfe is seen questioning 27-year-old Rayshard Brooks, who was asleep in his auto in a Wendy's restaurant parking lot in Atlanta, Georgia, on June 12, 2020.

Instead, Mr Rolfe kicked Mr Brooks while he was on the ground, and Officer Brosnan stood on Mr Brooks' shoulder immediately after the shooting, Mr Howard added.

"It doesn't raise any flags for me", Champion said, noting that Rolfe was not charged in any of the firearm incidents, which he said would have been vetted by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and internal affairs before being resolved. A struggle turns deadly Friday's incident began when police responded to a complaint that Brooks was asleep in his auto, blocking the drive-in lane at the Wendy's.

Riots break out following death of Rayshard Brooks

After getting Brooks to pull his auto into a nearby parking space, Brosnan and Rolfe administered a field sobriety test on Brooks, who admitted drinking at his daughter's birthday, according to body camera footage.

When the second officer, Devin Brosnan, arrived, Brooks failed a breathalyzer, was handcuffed and appeared to resist arrest. The officer is seen drawing a weapon and shooting at Brooks, who collapses on the asphalt.

Brooks's family has called for broad police reform and a criminal conviction for the officer involved, noting the incident is one of many deaths of black men at police hands roiling the nation. Brooks grabs the Taser and pulls it away. He punched Rolfe and started running. They said the officers had no right to use deadly force even if he had fired the Taser, a non-lethal weapon, in their direction. Rolfe chased Brooks through the parking lot. Some argue that Rolfe's use of deadly force was not justified given the fact that Brooks brandished and shot a taser, which many view as nonlethal, and that Rolfe went beyond use of deadly force protocols. Harris rammed a law enforcement vehicle, the paper reported, and the officers shot at him multiple times. "He definitely did shoot it at me at least once". "They need to be put away", Miller previously told "CBS This Morning".

"They could have easily waited and caught him later or let or let him be blocked in by the officer who was responding". Attorney L. Chris Stewart said Brooks shouldn't have been killed over his appearing to have a stun gun.

Police said they were seeking those responsible for the blaze, including a woman who was "attempting to hide her identity".

"It is very clear that our police officers are to be guardians and not warriors within our communities".