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Republican U.S. Senator Grassley, 87, tests positive for COVID-19

U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley R-Iowa announced earlier Tuesday that he was quarantining after being exposed to COVID-19. He tested positive later that day

Chuck Grassley, the longest-serving Republican senator and third in the line of presidential succession, said he has tested positive for the coronavirus.

"This morning, I learned that I had been exposed to the coronavirus", the 87-year-old senator said in a statement. He said he would follow doctor's orders and "immediately quarantine" and work virtually as he waits for results of a test. I'll be keeping up on my work for the people of Iowa from home. "I appreciate everyone's well wishes [and] prayers [and] look [forward] to resuming my normal schedule soon", he added.

Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, the second oldest member of the Senate, has been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus. He also joined other senators on the floor Monday evening for a procedural vote on a federal judge.

Grassley also attended leadership meetings with other Republican senators on Monday, according to Missouri Sen.

"I think we're covering every base we have to and you don't have to have a rule", he said at the time. He did wear a mask later during votes, however. Sherrod Brown "a complete ass" for the Democrat's request that a fellow senator wear his mask while addressing the room.

Congresswoman Cheri Bustos, the outgoing Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chair, and House Republican Tim Walberg have tested positive in recent days.

His diagnosis came the day after Rep. Don Young, R-Alaska, also 87, disclosed that he had been hospitalized over the weekend after what he described as a particularly brutal bout with COVID-19.

"I'm feeling well and not now experiencing any symptoms, but it's important we all follow public health guidelines to keep each other healthy", he added.

Mr Grassley is an iron man of sorts, having cast a staggering 8,927 consecutive votes over a record 27 years without missing a single one, until Tuesday.