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Redeem your free Fallout 3 bonus for Fallout 4 by February

10 features of the New Xbox Experience you need to know about

All Xbox One consoles will receive a prompt for "a mandatory update on November 23" if they have not yet updated to the New Xbox One Experience. Additionally, Digital Foundry reported issues of "macro-stuttering" on Microsoft's console when entering new areas, and sometimes when switching weapons. Despite the bugs and glitches, it's still a game well worth playing and paying for.

"Whether you pre-order or purchase the game physically, digitally, or as part of the Xbox One Fallout 4 Bundle, you'll definitely want to pick up "Fallout 4" now if you haven't already to grab your free copy of "Fallout 3" for a limited time", Xbox added on their website.

Check back on November 12 for lots more on the New Xbox One Experience.