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Read the text messages at the center of the Ted Cruz scandal

Texas Senator Ted Cruz flew to Mexico amid state energy crisis, US media report

US SENATOR TED Cruz returned to his home state of Texas yesterday, calling his trip to Mexico during a winter storm that left millions without power or running water a "mistake".

The winter storm has also been blamed for at least 56 deaths across the South.

The Republican Senator has been heavily criticised for leaving the state during such a critical time. "Literally." By Thursday morning, Cruz had booked himself a return trip to Texas, claiming it was always his plan to turn right back around after escorting his family to Mexico (despite packing an enormous suitcase and reportedly booking his initial return ticket for Saturday). (Also a United Airlines source said Ted's initial flight back was scheduled for February 20.) On Twitter, many dubbed him "Cancun Cruz" or "Flyin' Ted". Here is a roundup of all the best ones... If Cruz isn't working tirelessly to coordinate emergency relief efforts with senior Senator John Cornyn and Texas Governor Greg Abbott, which there is scant evidence of him doing, perhaps he could do a little fundraising himself.

Plot twist, he was actually going to Cancun to bring back the sun.

Livia Trevino, a 24-year-old whose Austin home was still without water Thursday, said she felt abandoned by government leaders.

Ocasio-Cortez's actions demonstrated that when your job is ostensibly to make people's lives better, you find a way to do just that in times of tragedy.

As Sen. Ted Cruz was caught en route to Mexico during a historic freeze in Texas, he wore a mask nodding to a watershed moment in Texas history. Yesterday a photo circulated of Cruz on a plane headed for Cancun.

Patagonia looking at Ted Cruz wearing their jacket. "In the meantime in Texas. millions of people found themselves caught in the bad situation of not having electricity and heating at home, a few tens of people even lost their lives because of this".

Later in the show, Cruz said, "If you can stay home, don't go out on the roads, don't risk the ice".

Its alright, Bernie is dog-sitting Snowflake. "In hindsight, I wouldn't have done it", he told reporters. (It's probably a toss-up between him, Mitch McConnell, and Rand Paul.) He was already at the center of the Capitol riot controversy, having been accused of helping to incite that violence.

Everyone watching Ted Cruz getting dragged online.

Part of the one on one interview with @tedcruz about his trip to Cancun.

"Don't Mess With Texas", an anti-littering slogan that is now seen as a declaration of independent identity and Texas swagger didn't stand a chance against Mother Nature, messing with which global warming experts say is what has caused havoc in the hydrocarbon-rich state.