Ravens Offered a 1st, 2nd, and Hayden Hurst for Jalen Ramsey

Potential trade situations for the Titans and QB Marcus Mariota

The 24-year-old requested a trade from the Jaguars, however the team is not interested in granting that request according to multiple reports.

On Wednesday it looked like Jalen Ramsey was all but certain to be traded, but as of Saturday afternoon it's starting to feel like Jacksonville is changing their minds.

Coach Doug Marrone also indicated Ramsey is sick and said Ramsey is scheduled to see the team's doctor Monday.

Kansas City, hopeful for a Super Bowl this season, has identified the secondary as the team's biggest area of concern, and while there would be complications and hurdles to clear in terms of giving Ramsey a massive new contract, rival front offices anticipate they make a strong push for the Jaguars cornerback.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Jaguars don't want to move on from Ramsey. It's getting to the point, in some cases, where fans don't even have time to bask in a big victory without some off-the-field nonsense detracting from the experience. Things have cooled off since Thursday, when the Jaguars did not fall to 0-3 because Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota still holds on to the ball too long and misses open receivers (and lost to Jacksonville, 20-7, on Thursday). It is known that at least one of those picks must be a first round pick if not two.

He was selected fifth overall in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft by the Jaguars.

Prior to 2019, Ramsey had nine interceptions in three National Football League seasons and was an All-Pro in 2017. If it's the latter, Ramsey isn't doing himself or the team any favors by not showing up to work.

While Ramsey wants to be gone the Jaguars are negotiating with him with the hopes of keeping in Jacksonville with an extension that will pay him the most at his position.