Rangers to fly to Dallas on Sunday, series at Houston in doubt

Post Hurricane Harvey social media slams Texas Rangers for not being nearly as charitable as Dallas Cowboys

What he doesn't say is that swapping the home-and-homes would mean that the Rangers would have a 12-game road trip just prior to the final series of the regular season.

In addition, the followup series against the Mets could very well take place in NY at Citi Field.

Sam Butler of reports that the Astros and the Rangers discussed other options, such as moving the games to Globe Life Park, home of the Rangers with the Rangers being the visiting team.

The Astros wanted the Rangers to flip this week's series scheduled for Houston with the three-game series scheduled for Arlington Sept. 25-27. The Astros had sought to play the series in Arlington and shift a series next month from Arlington to Houston but the Rangers refused.

With tropical storm Harvey continuing to pummel flood-ravaged Southeast Texas with rain, the Houston Astros were stuck in Dallas as of Monday morning, awaiting word from Major League Baseball about the status of this week's scheduled home series against the rival Texas Rangers.

The? Houston Texans? flew to Dallas after their preseason game Saturday in New Orleans instead of returning home and have said they'll stay there until conditions improve enough for them to come back to Houston. "They wanted all six of our games at their park". "We are extremely grateful to the Tampa Bay Rays organization for allowing us to use their facility".

That offer didn't sit well with McCullers, who blasted the Rangers for their "greed".

"We were prepared to make the event all about hurricane relief and helping our neighbors", he said. "That's an inaccurate portrayal". Houston's home series against the Mets, set to begin on Friday, may also be played at Tropicana Field. But even less important than baseball, are the ticket sales and attendance numbers of a August or September baseball game.

Daniels said the site of a baseball game in light of the ongoing natural disaster was not the club's priority.

The Rangers and Astros will kick off their next series on Tuesday in St. Petersburg.