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Prosecutor seeking Donald Trump's tax returns cites public allegations about his businesses

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stands with Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence and acknowledge the crowd on the third day of the Republican National Convention

"President Trump's actions will help combat employers' misuse of H-1B visas, which were never meant to replace qualified American workers with low-priced foreign labour".

Two months later, the White House issued a new mandate extending the green card suspensions and barring people outside the USA from obtaining certain classes of nonimmigrant visas, including H-1B visas for workers in specialty jobs, H-4s for their spouses, H-2Bs for temporary non-agricultural workers, J-1s for exchange visitors and L-1 visas for intracompany transfers. "We'll be able to conserve more of the places that matter to New Hampshire, and we and our partners will be able to better take care of them".

Trump told reporters at the White House on Monday that he is formally removing the TVA's chair of the board and another member of the board.

The US President stated he will be taking firm, disciplinary action against the leadership of the Tennessee Valley Authority, which has "sadly and cruelly" betrayed American workers.

The executive order requires all federal agencies to complete an internal audit and assess whether they are in compliance with the requirement that only United States citizens and nationals are appointed to the competitive service.

Trump said the TVA board must immediately hire a new chief executive officer who "puts the interests of Americans first". We want to ensure that USA employees have good opportunities through our employment and supply chain practices. "All jobs related to TVA's Information Technology department must be performed by in the individuals who may legally work in this country", the company said in response to the president. Trump also slammed TVA CEO Jeff Lyash for taking an annual salary of $8 million amid the outsourcing push. In addition, Trump fired two federal executives for outsourcing U.S. jobs and "betraying" Americans.

US President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday (Aug 5) that he might give his acceptance speech for a second term nomination from the White House, a breach of longtime tradition. Vance cited years of accusations levied against the Trump Organization that have been made public in various news stories. "What the President's committing to today is to end the abuse of our worker visa program, once and for all".