President Trump to undergo coronavirus testing every day

US Vice Prez Mike Pence's Press Secretary tested COVID-19 positive

Ivanka Trump's personal assistant has tested positive for the novel coronavirus and has become the third staff member in the White House to be affected by the infection, CNN reported on Saturday. They say it's going to go.

Those include daily coronavirus testing for any staffer who is in immediate contact with the president on a regular basis - roughly a dozen people - and temperature checks for anyone who enters the outer Oval Office every time, which for some staffers can be about 10 times a day.

"We have put in place the guidelines our experts have put forward to keep this building safe", White House press secretary Kaleigh McEnany said. "She's spent some time with the vice president".

On Thursday, Katie Miller, who is also the spokesperson of the coronavirus task force and happens to be married to Trump aide Stephen Miller, was seen without a mask in the White House complex chatting with journalists, all of whom were masked.

However, Ivanka Trump and her [assistant's husband] husband Jared Kushner both tested negative after their tests were conducted as precautionary measures on Friday, the report highlighted.

The 73-year-old Trump is at higher risk for getting a more serious form of the new coronavirus and his job involves lots of meetings and air travel. Such a test could confirm previous exposure.

Trump, meanwhile, has never worn a mask in public and the Associated Press reported that the president doesn't want to wear a mask because he's afraid he'll look ridiculous and that it will harm his reelection chances.

Miller has attended several coronavirus task force meetings.

Pence spokeswoman Katie Miller, who tested positive on Friday, had been in recent contact with Pence but not with the president. Six individuals who may have been in contact with the infected aide were removed from the flight and later tested negative.

Top advisers mostly have not been seen using face coverings in front of the press or the president, though a handful of aides have worn them behind the scenes. The military valets responsible for the President's personal needs are a rare group with access to the food he eats and the Diet Cokes he summons with the push of a red button.

Over a week ago, Trump launched "Operation Warp Speed" to accelerate the production of a vaccine to fight the virus, and he said himself in a virtual Fox News town hall last Sunday that the nation needs a vaccine.

Both Trump and Pence have drawn fire for not donning masks, with critics arguing they are setting a bad example for Americans. He was told by an executive from Honeywell that it wasn't necessary for him to wear it, even though a sign posted at the facility said masks were required for workers.