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Pope Francis gives hope to Poland LGBT activists

What Pope Francis understands about civil unions (and his critics never will)

Some activists and media reports have suggested that Pope Francis has changed Catholic teaching by his remarks. "The Catholic Church does not consider the homosexual union to be a marriage", KCBC said. CNA looks at those questions.

Absolutely we should have liturgy for blessing and celebrating civil partnerships and all couples who make binding vows before God and the state should be treated equally in law and by society. Although we have been far too dilatory in enacting those principles - especially for women, for people of color and non-heterosexuals - our charter documents provided for the protection of the rights of minorities. Nobody should be thrown out or be made miserable over it, ' he said. He explained the Pope's remarks were all about respect. The Pope had taught in the past also that those in the LGBT category are children of God and they deserve special care and love.

"Just like Pope Francis brings attention to the terrible situation that we as humanity have created, I wanted to find hope, light and love and give this hope to people".

In both cases, journalists, who must play by Vatican rules in accepting handout footage of events covered exclusively by Vatican cameras, were misled into assuming the Holy See would abide by traditional journalistic ethics and provide them with unaltered images.

When Jorge Bergoglio was archbishop of Buenos Aires, before being elected pope, he advocated for same-sex civil unions in an attempt to block a same-sex marriage law being passed in Argentina in 2010.

Francis has always voiced opposition to gay marriage, saying that marriage should only be between a man and woman.

In 2018, German bishops reacting to the legalization of gay marriage acknowledged that acceptance of LGBT relationships is a new ' political reality'.

"The Pope's statement clearly contradicts what has been the long-standing teaching of the Church about same-sex unions", Tobin said in a statement.

Allowing same-sex couples to marry is just one dimension of LGBTQ rights. Joseph did not issue a statement except to write on their web site, "We are aware of Pope Francis' recent comments on same-sex civil unions".

While Pope Francis has previously discussed civil unions, he has not explicitly endorsed the idea in public before. However, the message makes sense in the context of the documentary and the Pope's commitment to ministering to those "on the existential peripheries".

'The common good requires that laws recognise, promote and protect marriage as the basis of the family, the primary unit of society'.

"The Church is speaking to principle and whatever is contrary to individuals' best interest is therefore against the teachings of Jesus", he said, adding that the Church continues to speak to all behaviour "that is not in the best interest of human development".

Some people have said what the pope taught is heresy. This will call for a change in mindset in many Catholic Churches and clergy. In fact, the pope has frequently affirmed the Church's doctrinal teaching regarding marriage.

To date, the Pope has not taken a stand against the Church's doctrine of sexual morality, the statement said.

'The Church teaches that respect for homosexual persons can not lead in any way to approval of homosexual behaviour or to legal recognition of homosexual unions, ' it said.

There are 29 countries in the world that legally recognize same-sex "marriage". Other polling questions reveal more about how Americans have viewed the LGBTQ community in the last few years.

Well, if not, are they not pulling up the marriage ladder from those who love each other equally, just as they accused straight couples of doing to them for generations?

In Manila, Malacañang said President Rodrigo Duterte is in favor of same-sex civil union. Nor will the Church start approving of homosexuality. Generations of gay Catholics have spoken out about how they have felt hurt and alienated, not so much because the Church doesn't approve of gay sex, but because it has been described as "intrinsically evil" or "objectively disordered". "These persons are called to fulfill God's will in their lives and, if they are Christians, to unite to the sacrifice of the Lord's Cross the difficulties they may encounter from their condition". It's also a significant shift away from the policy of his predecessors who warned Catholics that opposing such unions was an obligation.

The film is set to be released in North America on Sunday.

Although the pope's comments have excited lots of commentary, pro and con, among Catholics, it's certainly not incumbent upon every Catholic to declare a position on the issue.