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Police sharpshooter 'accidentally opens fire' at Hollande speech

A police officer holds his weapon during a visit of the French President at the police station in Dreux central France on Monday Feb. 27 2017

March. 1 (ANI): At least one person was injured after a c accidentally fired during a speech by French President François Hollande in Villognon. After pausing a moment the President said, "I hope that wasn't serious", before continuing his talk.

Video footage of the speech - on the opening of a high-speed train between Tours and Bordeaux - shows Hollande stopping mid-sentence at the sound of gunfire about 17 minutes into his remarks.

One local report said the safety catch of the sniper's weapon was unlocked, allowing the gun to be discharged accidentally when the officer moved. The agent shot himself in the foot while another bullet struck a cocktail waiter's calf. They were then taken to the nearby hospital of Girac.

Two people were hurt but their injuries were not life-threatening, the BBC reported.

Local government chief Pierre N'Gahane told reporters that Hollande spoke to the two injured guests briefly before departing, adding that an investigation had been opened into the incident.