Pokemon GO Is Getting An Update Very Soon

Pokemon GO

It combines the fun of collecting Pokemon with reality by hiding Pokemon all over the real world using mapping technology (like Google Maps). In just a few days, Pokémon GO has already been downloaded more times than Tinder on Android, and it will soon overtake Twitter in daily active users.

Pokemon Go is displayed on a cell phone in Los Angeles on Friday, July 8, 2016.

In case you have questions about how to keep yourself safe, will be holding a Facebook live to answer your questions about how to protect yourself while playing the game. And if you use your Google account for sign-in and use an iOS device, unless you specifically revoke it, Niantic has access to your entire Google account.

A young woman playing Pokemon Go came upon a dead body in a Wyoming river while hunting a water monster in the game, according to U.S. news reports.

The game was the most downloaded free app on Apple's app store while Nintendo's shares surged almost 25 percent for their biggest daily gains in history after Pokemon Go's takeoff.

Millions of people are collecting Pokemon on the new app Pokemon Go while the developers are collecting their data.

Once the player has made these Pokemon disappear three times, they'll be in for a treat. On the fourth reappearance of these Pokemon, they'll find a fourth - Pikachu!

Police believe the suspects added a beacon near a "Poke-stop" in their location, which could lure more players nearby, KMOV reported.

One player posted a picture on Reddit of two police officers joining an impromptu Pokemon session. "Last night I saw fifteen people running after a squirtle", said Skyler Ackerly, gamer.

Nintendo, Google and Pokemon Company all invested in Niantic after it spun off from the California-based Internet company. Pokemon Co, which is a separate company from Nintendo, also owns a stake in Niantic, as does Google Inc.