Pokémon GO Takes to The Skies


Pokemon roam on the land or near the water, depending on their type-they could be rats, snakes, dragons, eggs, birds, trees, turtles and even birds.

The number of daily active users is rivalling social network Twitter according to web analytics firm SimilarWeb and within two days of releas it was installed on more than five percent of Android devices in the United States.

This story first appeared on Business Insider. You chose one of three starter Pokemon, and build from there. It also requires a strong internet connection - either Wi-Fi or 3G or 4G data signal - as well as use of your Global Positioning System, so make sure you've got enough battery charge before you start heading out into the wild to catch 'em all.

Like the Pokemon franchise that hit in the late 1990s, the goal is to find and capture the cartoon creatures, which can be upgraded and pitted against each other. The combination of a game and real-time interaction is known as augmented reality (AR).

With Pokemon Go, the game takes place in your world rather than a virtual one. The game helps bring strangers together, in places where they never would have visited otherwise.

The game has already led a 19-year-old girl in Wyoming to discover a dead body floating in a river.

POKEMON: A wild growlithe was found near a local shopping district.

Facebook feeds are filling with quests to collect them all, but how much information are you willingly, albeit unknowingly, giving to the app's developers? By doing this, it allows the user to install apps not directly downloaded from the Play Store, but this can also weaken your device's security.

People who played Ingress will recognize PokeStops and gyms, many being monuments, signs, businesses or other real world spots that served as "portals" that could be captured in the earlier Niantic game.

However, after signing in using a Google account, the game app does not notify the user about the type of data the game is accessing from his Google account.

As noted in the report, it is not yet clear at this time whether this level of account permission was intended by the developers or by what methods they would be able to directly access your personal information.

The game itself was created by Niantic, spun off from Google previous year, and Pokemon Company.

The software development company said that the company is working on an update that would see the app only request basic account information.

Mark Cuban said Monday that Nintendo "has a winner" with "Pokémon Go", but added that the game's producer, Niantic Inc., which Nintendo has invested in, would "have to keep refreshing if they want it to stay as hot as it is".

And certainly, there are many more users who are thinking of switching from Windows Phone just because they're being left behind every time a new major app is released, so without even wanting to, Niantic's decision is actually hurting Microsoft's mobile platform more than anyone has ever imagined. When you successfully catch the Pokemon, the "Pokemon Go" Plus will vibrate.

"I've revoked their access to my account, and deleted the app".