'Pokémon Go' Doesn't Have 'Full Access' To Your Google Account Anymore

Sophia Kembowski—AFP

But, in the case of Pokemon GO, Reeve discovered that users who linked the game to their Google accounts were granting the app "full access" including emails, browsing data, photos, and virtually everything else Google touches on your phone.

With more people playing Pokémon Go than using Tinder and Twitter, it's great to see Niantic pushing out updates sooner rather than later to ensure the game runs at optimal performance.

The game collects settings from users' phones, including Global Positioning System and the local time, to detect where and when they are active in the game.

Since the game - developed by Niantic Inc and distributed by Nintendo - was launched in Australia, New Zealand and the United States, it has been topping lists of downloads across different platforms in the three countries.

However, Pokemon Go players can relax: The email is not real.

The update appears to address those concerns, as Niantic had said it was working on a client-side fix to "request permission for only basic Google account information". "Google has verified that no other information has been received or accessed by Pokemon GO or Niantic", the statement said.

"I am concerned about the extent to which Niantic may be unnecessarily collecting, using, and sharing a wide range of users' personal information without their appropriate consent", the senator said in the letter. The game will no longer require full access to Google account holders' data, as it did in the previous version.

Pokemon Go is taking the world by storm as nearly every sector of society is now picking up the hype of the game through simple memes to tutorials as to where they could catch known Pokemon.

"Pokemon Go" fulfills a fantasy that Pokemon fans have had since the first games came out in the 1990's.

What's more, the scam email comes from a domain not associated with Ninatic Labs, the San Francisco-based company behind Pokemon Go.

In order to take advantage of the update, affected users must download it from the App Store, then sign out and back in to "Pokemon Go".

For more information on Pokemon Go, you can visit the official website.