Pizza Hut Bot Takes Orders on Twitter and Facebook

Pizza Hut, along with leading SaaS platform tech company, Conversable, said the chain has launched a new Pizza Hut social ordering platform or “chatbot” that allows the so-called “conversational ordering” from the brand’s menu via Facebook Messenger and Twitter.

Remember how Facebook Messenger introduced chat bots?

Since nobody really goes into a pizza parlor to browse the merchandise, pizza is an ideal vertical for automatic ordering via emerging technology. You can ask the bot for information about special promotional deals running in your area and it’ll even answer frequently asked questions about dietary information, business hours and delivery areas.

Would you know how to order from this emoji-only menu?

Speaking about this, Pizza Hut’s Chief Digital Officer Baron Concors said, “This launch reinforces our goal of being the most customer-centered pizza company with an emphasis [on] the simplification and personalization of our digital experience”. Mr. Concors said: “We are constantly pursuing ways to simplify our ordering experience”.

For initial launch, customers will be able to connect their Facebook messaging account to their Pizza Hut account to reduce the information required to order.

But it is not only Pizza Hut that utilizes chatbot to reach out to its customers.

“Yum! Brands’ Pizza Hut announced the new service on Tuesday, revealing a partnership with chatbot startup Conversable, which also recently added Whole Foods Market and fast-casual food chain Wingstop to its list of clients”, noted Fortune.

As the first national pizza restaurant to remove artificial flavors and colors from its core pizzas, Pizza Hut is known around the world for its long heritage of breakthrough innovation in food and beyond, including the Original Pan™ Pizza, Original Stuffed Crust®, Cheesy Bites, and more. Ordering is as simple as chatting with your friends using this app.

These chatbots can be accessed by connecting to the companies’ official Facebook Messenger accounts. The Pizza Hut chatbot is no exception; to see deals, for example, a Twitter or Messenger user can type “deals” and get a response back with the store’s current promos.

Pizza Hut will be competing against Domino’s which introduced an ordering system through Twitter past year.

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