Phone maker Essential teases unusual new smartphone

Essential reveals its next smartphone

The ex-Googler wrote that the device is to reframe users' perspective on mobile, and is in early testing.The photos showcase an unusually tall, but slim device with a new UI that complements its form.

This new smartphone is unlike any smartphone we've seen and looks more like a smart remote control than a phone.

In many ways, it looks like a contemporary take on a feature phone while it also comes in four colors that might have particular appeal to a younger audience more focused on messaging, making calls and listening to music. Images and videos show that the phone is not designed like an ordinary smartphone. There's a small hole-punch camera on the front and a single protruding camera module on the rear.

As TheNextWeb pointed out, neither Andy Rubin nor the Essential account said that this is a phone but, if you look closely at the images, you can see that the elongated device has a phone icon on the home screen. Rubin's shared the images and video of the new essential phone via his twitter handle.

The Essential PH-1 was Essential's first and only smartphone, so far.

Something else that catches the eye is the "GEM Colorshift material" of the Essential Phone.

Though Rubin didn't give specific details about the phone, theimagesandvideosshared by him and Essential indicate that the device will bear a new UI for the radically different form factor.

Rubin cofounded Android in 2003 and sold it to Google in 2005, moving to the firm. You know, the follow up to the Essential Phone that launched back in 2017 to little fanfare. They also suggest it runs Android and point at a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 processor, whose midrange performance might make sense for a device that's designed more as a mobile companion than becoming the digital center of your life.

We can see Uber, Calendar, Maps, and a Weather app, though it's unclear if Calendar and Maps are Google Calendar and Google Maps respectively.