Pettis County reports nearly 1000 active cases

Pettis County reports nearly 1000 active cases

There are now 67 active COVID-19 cases in Mason County with four people hospitalized (two in the County, two outside the County).

Statewide, Arkansas reported 120,008 total confirmed cases Monday and 2,225 deaths because of COVID-19, an increase of 81 since Thursday. Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka have reported the highest number of cases.

This week's death was a male in the 75 to 84 age range who had been hospitalized at the time of his death, health department spokesperson George Diepenbrock said.

Douglas County's average number of new cases per day continues to increase. "While we are better prepared today than when we first began seeing cases in March, we must still be proactive in reducing the spread of the virus". That puts the seven-day average for the county at 377.

The number of current hospitalizations remains at 16 and a total of eight COVID-19 related deaths have been reported in Lake County.

A total of 82,90,371 people have recuperated from COVID-19 so far.

The Southern Seven Health Department reported 53 new cases of COVID-19 in the southernmost counties of IL.

Monday's cases bring the county to 2,532 total cases, according to Thurston County Public Health and Social Services.

Already, the state is close to breaking last month's record of 64,533 new cases. Fifteen, or 35% of the total, were listed as "probable" cases.

"Doing nothing is no longer an option as we must protect our healthcare workers, both at hospital and long-term care facilities, and our first responders during this health crisis", Bogen said. "Our staff is doing everything we possibly can to keep up with the new cases, we are physically and emotionally exhausted, but we are continuing to do this important work to the best of our ability to protect our community".