Perkins: Pierce's dislike for LeBron dates back to spitting incident in 2004


During the strike-shortened National Basketball Association season of 2011, James and his friend and business partner Maverick Carter mulled over the prospect of playing for his favorite NFL team, the Dallas Cowboys.

This season, James has surpassed the late Kobe Bryant as the third point scorer in National Basketball Association history.

Wade and Bosh had signed with the Heat as free agents a day before James-the former was a free agent for just a week before re-signing with Miami-and the James's move to Miami attracted a barrage of criticism.

He adds they don't ever want to jeopardise the health of any of the players or any of the players' families and so on.

"We haven't seen that from LeBron", said Pierce.

Ware joined the NFL Network this week to talk about LeBron James' comments, joking that there was "no way in hell" LeBron could've blocked him.

"The thoughts came into my mind", James said on The Uninterrupted's "After Party" show. And that near-fight - which wouldn't have come close to happening had the game not been played at Ohio State, where the locker rooms were right next to one another - came after Pierce spit in the direction of James and the Cleveland bench.

Paul Pierce's top five players of all time, in order: Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bill Russell, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant. "We started to add a little more sled to our agenda with our workouts". While Jerry Jones seemed willing to offer him a contract with the Dallas Cowboys, there are quite a few factors working against LeBron being able to make it as a pro football player.

NBA Twitter responded by destroying Pierce on Twitter - and there's plenty of material to draw from, highlighted by this hysterical NBA on TNT conversation between Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith.