Pentagon has new undisclosed email chain between Clinton, Petraeus

Hillary Rodham Clinton

The State Department on Friday confirmed that the Pentagon has found an email chain between Hillary Clinton and David Petraeus - work-related emails that she had not previously turned over.

Indeed, while Clinton is stuck in ethical quicksand, Republicans would do well to refocus their attacks not on her personal flaws but on the policies she and Biden support and their contributions to a disastrous foreign policy, a divisive presidency and dysfunctional partisanship in Washington.

The inspector general of the intelligence agencies said in August that Clinton had received classified information on her private email server, but the candidate insists that it was deemed classified after the fact.

Officials have stated the emails are largely personal, however it calls into question Mrs Clinton's claim on the CBS television network this week that "we provided all of them", when asked whether she had disclosed the messages from her private account.

Clinton's staff have acknowledged that other work emails from later in her tenure were also missing from the record Clinton handed over. Over the almost two months she was in office before that, Clinton has said she used a Blackberry email account that she can no longer access.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton

Bill Clinton's comments mark the latest attempt by Hillary Clinton's supporters to limit the political damage of a controversy that increasingly clouds her campaign. The correspondence amounted to 55,000 pages. There are less than 10 emails back and forth in total, officials said, and the chain ends on February, 1.

Congressman Mike Pompeo (R-KS) released a statement Saturday after the State Department announced it has produced a small number of emails from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Clinton is expected to testify before the Committee investigating the attacks in October.

Hauser said they also discussed the challenges to women in the workplace. Clinton said when he ran, the George H.W. Bush administration reached out to warn him not to seek the Presidency. "That was when she started using"

The emails do not show whether Abedin provided all the records sought by the department, but Rodriguez said it was his impression that she was cooperative and eventually turned over the material. She initially described her choice as a matter of convenience, but later took responsibility for making a wrong decision.