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Pennsylvania Judge Sides With Trump Campaign, Throwing Out Votes Missing ID Deadline


In Pennsylvania, Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar said the difference between Biden and Trump will not require a recount of the votes.

The campaign and Giuliani did not respond to the Times' request for comment, but a spokesman for the president's attorney confirmed his expanded role, reports ABC News.

President Trump and his campaign will continue to fight the legal battles, however, sources close to him told Fox News that he would concede and commit to a peaceful transfer of power if the campaign's legal challenges fail to open up a path for a second term. That remains to be seen", he said, later adding: "As I understand the facts of the case - although I think what the judiciary did may have been the right thing morally: if you get your ballot in on time, you shouldn't be denied the vote just because the post office screwed up - I don't think you can really make that argument under Article Two.

Additionally, the campaign awaits action from the Supreme Court regarding whether the Pennsylvania Supreme Court acted properly in granting the three-day extension for accepting mail-in ballots.

Earlier, another Pennsylvania court ruled to disregard a number of ballots.

Porter Wright filed a motion thursday to retire, after criticisms have been increasing that law firms supporting Republican challenges to elections are helping Trump oppose the will of the people.

At the same time, the NBC television channel reported that the current U.S. president is winning the presidential election in the vacillating state of North Carolina.

"Plaintiffs could lose their opportunity for meaningful relief entirely if the vote total is certified, since it is not clear what remedies would remain after that point", Trump campaign lawyers write in their memo.

"The COVID-19 pandemic ... has caused enormous loss and vast disruption", Smith wrote for the three-judge panel, which concluded that mail-in voters may be disadvantaged by the process, not unfairly privileged. In that directive Boockvar said those officials had until November 12 to verify the identities of the voters who cast mail-in ballots.

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