Pelicans Begin To Articulate To Teams What They Seek For Anthony Davis

Celtics quiet as Pelicans set the bar for Anthony Davis trade

New Orleans Pelicans president of basketball operations David Griffin has begun providing teams the framework of a deal he'd accept for Davis, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported Monday, citing sources.

After the season ended, however, Pelicans owner Gayle Benson said the team would trade Davis to the Lakers "over my dead body".

Marred by injuries to James and the young core along with the Anthony Davis trade rumors, the Lakers ultimately missed the playoffs for the sixth consecutive season.

Wojnarowski says Griffin has not laid out a specific timetable for when a deal needs to be completed, although he has expressed a desire to acquire any 2019 draft picks days before the rapidly approaching June 20 NBA Draft, giving the team ample time to closely examine potential draft picks.

Back when Anthony Davis' request originally went public, there were many teams that seemed like they might be wanting to jump in the action outside of the Lakers and Celtics, including the Nuggets, Knicks, and Clippers. To that end, Griffin has been working to find multi-team trade scenarios that could redirect assets for players or picks more preferable to the Pelicans, sources said. Will Danny Ainge pull the trigger on a trade for Anthony Davis? Griffin is seeking an All-Star, a young player with All-Star potential and two first round picks with those wishes on a sliding scale.

The teams that are consistently the most involved in the Anthony Davis trade sweepstakes are the New York Knicks, Boston Celtics and Lakers.

Boston looms as the wildcard to offer the most overwhelming trade package, but they are in a holding pattern. The Suns, meanwhile, will use their pick to grease the wheels of the transaction, and grab a point guard, a position of need and what they're reportedly trying to do with the pick. Per Wojnarowski, the team wants to build around whomever it picks at that spot as well as Jrue Holiday, who was an All-Defensive second teamer this season. Duke's Zion Williamson is locked in as the No. 1 pick for the New Orleans Pelicans, but what comes after that?

The team is consistently linked to Kyrie Irving, and they'd want one more big name to pair with him. Similar to the Lakers, they'll be under the cap after expiring contracts and renounced rights, so this trade works under the cap, even if they aren't sending out equal salary.