Patent Infringement Lawsuit: Blackberry Takes Nokia To Court


In a 96-page lawsuit, reported in ArsTechnica, the company claims Nokia infringed 11 BlackBerry technology patents "related to LTE- and UMTS/UTRAN-compliant products and services".

The patents comprise network software, controllers, Liquid Radio software, and Flexi Multiradio base stations. In fact, using the unlicensed products Nokia provided the products and services to big clients like T-Mobile and AT&T accordance with Bloomberg report.

It is interesting to note that Blackberry is demanding that Nokia pay royalties and damages instead of stopping the Finnish tech giant from using the patents altogether. Blackberry, the Canadian-based company further claimed that the Nokia is being consistent in encouraging the use of the standard complaint products even without a license.

Nokia's return to smartphone business seems to be going well but company's mobile equipment business has now come under spotlight as BlackBerry is said to have filed a patent-infringement case against the Finnish company. As the market knows that Blackberry and Nokia have now lost the old time glory, the two company is now seeking to top a position again.

Nortel Networks Corporation previously owned some of the patents concerned, and Nokia had tried and failed to acquire them as part of an asset sale in 2009, according to the claim.

BlackBerry has slapped its one-time mobile rival Nokia with a lawsuit alleging patent violations. They were later bought and divided amongst a consortium of companies that included Apple, Microsoft and, of course, BlackBerry. However, BlackBerry filed the lawsuit in the U.S. District Court in Delaware. It doesn't seek any court order that would block use of the inventions.