Paddock Lollapalooza Chicago Booking Overlooked Concert, Report Says


His movements raised the possibility he was contemplating attacks at those sites. One of the bullets penetrated the tank, but did not cause a fire or explosion near the Route 91 Harvest country music festival, another knowledgeable source said late Wednesday.

At least 58 people were killed and 515 wounded in the Las Vegas massacre. It was the deadliest mass shooting in modern USA history.

In early August, Paddock booked a room at Chicago's 21-story Blackstone Hotel that overlooked the park where the Lollapalooza music festival was being held, a law enforcement official said Thursday.

He said it was unclear why Paddock rented a room at the Ogden.

Paddock wired $100,000 to the Philippines days before the shooting, said a US official who was not authorized to speak publicly because of the continuing investigation, according to the Associated Press.

TMZ reported Thursday that Paddock reserved rooms on the park side of the hotel, with a clear view of the concert stages, for August 1 through August 3 but never showed up.

ABC News has learned from an official briefed on the investigation that authorities are looking into Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock's alleged effort to get a hotel room overlooking the "Life is Beautiful" concert. Lombardo gave no details on what Paddock was up to. The festival was headlined by popular talents like Chance the Rapper, Lorde and Wiz Khalifa, and drew an estimated 50,000 fans each day.

The reserved hotel rooms overlooked the festival's main stage, entrance, and exit - not vastly different than the positioning of the Mandalay Bay suite he eventually used to attack innocent Route 91 festival goers. "They train all year", Emanuel said.

Discerning Paddock's motive has proven especially baffling as he had no criminal record, no known history of mental illness and no outward signs of social disaffection, political discontent or extremist ideology, police said.

Boston's police commissioner says he plans to contact federal investigators about a report the Las Vegas shooter had researched possible locations in Boston. "We don't know yet". "We have a lot of work to do".

His comments came shortly after Paddock's girlfriend said that she had no idea he was planning an attack on the Strip and was devastated for the victims.