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Oxford Covid-19 vaccine is still possible this year, says AstraZeneca chief

Coronavirus vaccine Govt plans to manufacture Russia's Sputnik V in India

According to a report from The New York Times a volunteer in the United Kingdom trial was diagnosed with transverse myelitis, an inflammatory syndrome that affects the spinal cord and can be caused by viral infections. "Once there is clarity on the reason for the adverse effect, whether it was due to natural causes or triggered by the vaccine, a decision will be taken by DCGI and SII on the resumption of the trials", a senior official of Bharati Hospital said.

The trials in India began last month and about 100 participants have received the dose. And capacity is also in place for an Australian vaccine being developed at The University of Queensland to be available in large numbers by mid-2021.

Serum Institute of India, one of AstraZeneca's development and production partners, said on Thursday it was joining the suspension, backtracking on remarks that it did not face any issues. "We can not disclose medical information about the illness for reasons of participant confidentiality", it said.

The health secretary, Matt Hancock, also sought to assuage concerns about the pause and stressed that clinical trials are often halted "whenever they find something that they need to investigate".

Sanjay Rai, Professor, Community Medicine, and Principal Investigator for Covid-19 vaccine trial at AIIMS announced that phase II trials for COVAXIN will wrap by October and soon enough, be pushed into phase III. Soriot stated that there is no choice for now, but to be "very patient and see how it unfolds". "They stop, they study, and they restart".

The company said it could not disclose further medical information.

British clinical trials for the AstraZeneca and Oxford University coronavirus vaccine have resumed following confirmation by a regulator that it was safe to do so, the company said on Saturday.

"What worries me the most is what I have been saying all along: a lack of solidarity", Dr Tedros said.

"So it may well be that a person who has had this vaccine was going to get transverse myelitis anyway and the two are not connected. The Russian vaccine is 100 percent safe and effective", Khovaev said.

Linking such an autoimmune response to a single factor like a vaccine is problematic, he said, given the number of immunological, hormonal or environmental factors at play.

Transverse myelitis cases after a vaccination have been documented before, but concrete links between the condition and vaccinations have not been established, experts said.