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Organization holds nationwide 'Save the Post Office Saturday' protests

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Dozens of residents came out to the Fair Lawn Post Office to defend the United States Postal Service (USPS) against what they call attacks ahead of the general election.

That sparked a political firestorm and lawmakers called on Mr DeJoy to testify before Congress, where he denied allegations that recent changes at USPS were created to slow down election mail, calling them "outrageous".

Rather than being opposed to mail-in voting, as President Donald Trump is, DeJoy told the committee "I think the American public should be able to vote by mail, and the Postal Service will support it".

Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold has said that 0.0027% of mail-in ballots cast in the 2018 election were referred to further investigation after being reviewed by a team of judges.

At the White House, Trump has said he wants to block agency emergency funding that would help the service handle a great increase in mail-in ballots.

The USPS has always been in bad financial shape, and DeJoy was hired as a logistics expert from the private sector to address issues of cost and efficiency.

In particular, DeJoy promised there would be no changes to retail hours at Post Office branches, no more removal of existing equipment or closures of processing facilities, and importantly, that overtime for carriers would be "approved as needed".

DeJoy announced Tuesday he would halt any changes to the USPS that could hinder ballot collection. A NY congressional election was delayed by six weeks due to a dispute over some ballots that were not postmarked or that were received after the deadline.

Election Mail includes any mailed item to or from election officials that allows US citizens to to vote, USPS said.

The legislation is unlikely to be considered by the Senate, as Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said recently that the Postal Service will "be just fine".

A group of 90 Democrats in the House on Wednesday called on the Postal Service's board of governors to immediately remove DeJoy "to protect this critical institution".

"These changes have been tied to the current delays", Horn said in an interview on Friday.

More than 100 Democrats had signed a letter earlier in the week, urging Pelosi and leadership to consider forcing a vote on a coronavirus relief bill, specifically an extension of the federal unemployment insurance benefits, when the House convened this weekend. "We have a significant issue in employee availability in many, many parts of the country that are leading to delays in delivery of mail", adding that the USPS its first priority will be the nation's election mail reaching officials on time.

Republicans have blasted Democrats for voting on the USPS bill and have referred to the measure as a "conspiracy theory".