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Opposition push to set up probe could force Canada election

Opposition push to set up probe could force Canada election

This means that if Trudeau's proposed committee fails to get the support of the NDP, a snap election will be triggered. We are voting against an election.

"That is outrageous and is absurd".

The Liberal government had declared the motion to be a matter of confidence.

Two Independent MPs also voted against the motion, while the Conservatives and Bloc Quebecois voted in favour.

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh spoke with reporters today about the upcoming confidence vote in the House of Commons. "If you keep saying that you don't have confidence in the government, if you keep saying this government doesn't work, if you keep saying we're going to bring down the government or the prime minister should resign or X, Y or Z should resign - and then nothing happens, people sort of look at you and say, 'What are you doing there?"

While he agrees with the Prime Minister's sentiment, Warkentin says that was not the point. "He is not going to be able to hide behind the opposition".

The controversy revolves around the government's decision last June to pay WE Charity $43.5 million to administer a now-cancelled student service grant program, despite Trudeau's long-standing family ties to the organization.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the federal Liberal minority has ultimately secured enough backing needed to avoid a snap pandemic election.

"Imagine risking the health of Cdns to avoid taking responsibility".

A motion by the federal Conservatives to form a committee to investigate Liberal COVID-19 spending was defeated Wednesday afternoon. "As much as we don't want an election during a pandemic, we also might not want an election as we're rolling out a vaccine and trying to get everyone vaccinated and get this thing over with".

The Liberals gave no clear sign Tuesday that they were open to that, holding tight to their assertion that the more aggressive proposal from the Tories crosses a line.

Singh said he continues to engage with other parties to find a solution, but did not say how his party's MPs might vote.

A vote on the motion will take place later this week, potentially on Wednesday's one-year anniversary of the Liberals' being re-elected with a minority government.

Justin Trudeau's minority government survived its most serious confidence test yet Wednesday but opposition resentment over the Liberals' high-stakes brinkmanship may make it more hard to avoid defeat in future.

"They don't want the truth to come out". They're not looking for an election. That confidence is often tested several times a year with votes on budgets and other monetary matters, but governments can also designate other key votes on important issues as matters of confidence.

None of that changed the government's mind.

The new Green Party Leader Annamie Paul who is without a seat in the House of Commons said that the focus of this government and all MPs should be on ensuring Canadians have what they need, not on forcing people to the polls during a pandemic.