Olivia Jade breaks silence about college admissions scandal on 'Red Table Talk'

Olivia Jade set to break silence on college admissions scandal

As you likely know, the 21-year-old influencer's parents, Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli, are both now serving time in prison after pleading guilty in May to paying $500,000 in bribes to get their two children accepted into the University of Southern California as bogus crew recruits. "We messed up. I just want a second chance to be like I recognize I messed up", Giannulli said. "But I feel like everybody feels that way in my family right now". "I think that hopefully will be a blessing in the end".

"I'm not this bratty girl who doesn't want to change anything", Giannulli said on "Red Table Talk".

"I think that what hasn't been super public is that there is no justifying or excusing what happened because what happened was wrong", she said. I don't want pity - I don't deserve pity.

Throughout the interview, Olivia described how she didn't really realise that what her parents were doing was wrong (and illegal) because donating large sums of money to colleges (legally) was normal within her community of uber-rich kids.

As part of her personal growth, Giannulli said she's been figuring out ways to give back, like volunteering at an after school program in the largely Black community of Watts, California.

Later on, she explained, "I didn't come on here to try and win people over.I just want to apologize for contributing to these social inequalities, even though I didn't realize it at the time". Recently, she's spent time mentoring young, at-risk students in Los Angeles, which she claims has "shifted [her] whole mentality".

"I think that this has been a really eye-opening experience for me and situation, and although there's a lot of negative around it, and there's a lot of mistakes and wrongdoings, it's led me to have a completely different outlook on a lot of situations", she said.

Well, we guess it's nice she's holding herself accountable. "That's privilege. I didn't put those two together".

Giannulli says she has not spoken to her parents since they've been in prison, but recalls when she confronted them about the scandal when she was "ashamed" and "embarrassed", as the story spiraled, making worldwide headlines.

Giannulli uploaded a video to her YouTube channel last December touching on what was then a nationwide investigation into her parents and other prominent parents, including actor Felicity Huffman.

"It's been hard. I think for anybody, no matter what the situation is, you don't want to see your parents go to prison". "And for so long I wasn't able to talk about this because of the legalities behind it".

Loughlin is now serving a two-month prison sentence, while her husband is serving five months, both on charges of conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud.

Pinkett Smith, who said she had agreed to bring Giannulli on her show over her mother's objections, struck an understanding tone with her. I was never trying to hurt anybody or say those things to brag about my life. I really did care.

By the end of the 30-minute conversation, the three women and Giannulli came to peace with the fact that the beauty influencer is committed to learning and growing. So did Pinkett Smith's daughter, Willow, also part of the series.

"I know right from wrong", Giannulli said, "I just never knew the depth behind it".