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Officials warned of Trump's Ukraine policy before Zelensky call


His actions are governed by the laws of another independent country.

President Trump asked Zelensky for such an investigation in a July phone call that has helped prompt an impeachment inquiry.

Trump wanted Kiev to investigate Hunter Biden's activities in Ukrainian gas firm Burisma.

Ukraine, France and Germany had planned to hold the meeting of the group known as the Normandy Four, aimed at resolving the five-year-long conflict, as early as last month, Zelenskiy told reporters, but Russian Federation turned down the proposal. The Trump administration, however, released the transcript of the call late last month, a day after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the impeachment inquiry against the US president. Asked whether the Ukrainian version matched up to the US one, Zelenskiy said: "I didn't even check, but I think that it matches completely". But the impeachment hearings mean that Ukraine will remain a central player in the US drama through the 2020 presidential election and beyond. While Mr. Zelensky acknowledged regular contacts with the oligarch - Mr. Kolomoisky's former lawyer is Mr. Zelensky's chief of staff - he said that Mr. Kolomoisky knew that Mr. Zelensky would always put the national interests first.

'And in case we need to find a solution to questions of this level, questions about our country's security, we use all our powerful possibilities.' He didn't elaborate.

The pullback has not occurred because of shelling from both sides and threats from Ukrainian hardliners to hamper the disengagement, prompting Zelenskiy to argue that there won't be one so long as there are those who "don't want the disengagement" and "do random shooting".

Amid growing controversy over the call between the two leaders, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced last month that she was moving forward with a formal impeachment inquiry into Trump.

Zelenskiy said the "key question" for him was to try to persuade the White House to "change its rhetoric" about Ukraine as a corrupt and untrustworthy country.

"We didn't speak about this", he told reporters. The theory contends, without evidence, that the DNC hack was based on fabricated computer records and created to cast blame on Russian Federation but was initiated from Ukraine.

Ukraine's president just can't stop talking.

Trump has said the United States has an "absolute right" to ask foreign leaders to investigate corruption cases, though no one has produced evidence of criminal wrongdoing by the former U.S. vice president or his son.

At one point, the 41-year-old former comedian appeared to accuse reporters of trying to trick him into an answer that would make headlines in the U.S.

Zelenskiy also joked about Trump's Twitter missives, saying he doesn't expect a change in US-Ukrainian relations in the future, 'but if there is, we'll learn about it on Twitter'.

The whistleblower whose complaint launched the impeachment effort had a "prior working relationship with a current 2020 Democratic contender" and is a registered Democrat, a source familiar with the matter told CBS News, the BBC's U.S. partner, on Thursday.