Of course Marie Kondo is selling a $50 tuning fork

Some fans weighed in on her new venture

Of course, no one should blame Kondo for being a capitalist and for giving him the disadvantage of introducing essential elements of Eastern spirituality into Western sensibility.

The criticism continued, with another fan writing: "Marie Kondo has started a shop, where once you've cleared out all your existing overpriced, trendy junk, you can replace it with new overpriced, trendy junk ... you have to respect the scam!"

'All these years, Marie Kondo wanted us to throw stuff away.

While it may seem odd that a decluttering expert is selling people more stuff, the idea is that these items will help people display their most prized belongings in a handsome way that sparks joy.

So what's Kondo making room for in her own home?

"Once you've completed your tidying, there is room to welcome meaningful objects, people and experiences into your life".

"So now #mariekondo want you to buy as much stuff as possible #ironic" wrote one person on Twitter.

In a letter posted on the website, Ms Kondo said he was smoothing method "is not about getting rid of things".

"Another, who describes themselves as a "#konmari lifer", pointed out that Kondo was literally selling a stick and compared her to Gwyneth Paltrow's "lifestyle brand" Goop. "And if it brings you joy then please go ahead!" "It's about heightening your sensitivity to what brings you joy". However, the other half of the KonMari method is that we should only surround ourselves with things that truly matter; the sorts of products that we look at and say, "I should spend a little extra on this because it seems like a thing that I will keep forever".

Described as "a collection of items that spark joy for Marie and enhance your everyday routine", it features things such as a US$275 (NZ$428) brass tool holder, a US$96 (NZ$149) gold ladle and a US$75 (NZ$170) desktop box.

"Can't make this stuff up: Marie Kondo, queen of the clutter-free life, has added an e-commerce shop to her site", New York Times reporter Hiroko Tabuchi tweeted. "Get rid of stuff so you can buy more", another agreed.

KonMari launched on Monday, but unfortunately for those living in Australia hoping to get their hands on some of Kondo's joyous items, you can't, as it only ships to the United States - for the time being anyway.

You know, before I even get to it, that these products are going to be pricey.