Octavia Spencer treats impoverished families to 'Hidden Figures' screening

Octavia Spencer treats impoverished families to 'Hidden Figures' screening

"La La Land" made its all 7 nominations to real awards at the 74th Golden Globe Awards held on last Sunday night, including best motion picture in comedy or musical, best actor and actress in comedy or musical and best director, which fueled its box office revenue.

The movie placed second for the three-day is grossing an impressive $14.5 million for the three-day weekend from 1,848 theaters.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story continued to exert the Force on fans, pulling them to multiplexes for the first stand-alone episode in the iconic eight-film space franchise. After attending a special White House screening of the film, she felt inspired as a young woman of color, and wants to pass that experience on to other girls who may not have the opportunity to see the film otherwise. Dellsena died when Spencer was 18 years old.

The critically acclaimed film tells the story of three black female scientists and mathematicians who helped NASA send a man into orbit.

By Monday, Taylor's campaign had raised more than $10,000, beating her original $2,600 goal almost four times over.

"My mom would not have been able to afford to take me and my siblings", she continued. If you are in #LA & don't have the money to see the movie with your children go watch for free tonight!

Over the weekend, Hidden Figures star Octavia Spencer bought out an entire LA theater so that low-income families could see the movie that's now dominating the box office.

"They didn't listen to those doubters", she added.

There were three new movies in the top ten this Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend, but none generated particular excitement.

For young people, seeing diversity on the big screen can be a powerful inspiration. Spencer said she was honoring her late mother and all single parents along the way.