Norway first to reach 50pc electric in new car sales

Norway first to reach 50pc electric in new car sales

Despite outpacing the rest of the world, the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association was hungry for even more and had expected electric cars to account for around 60 percent of new cars past year.

Showing that it is taking seriously its goal of becoming the first country in the world to close sales of gasoline and diesel cars by 2025, Norway became, in 2020, the first country in the world where electric vehicles represented more than 50 % of new license plates, according to data released by the country's Road Traffic Information Council (OFV), this Tuesday (5).

The Northern European country is seeking to become the first nation to end the sale of gas and diesel-powered cars by 2025.

It should also be noted that in December 2020, sales of BEVs hit the highest level for any single month, with a 66.7% share of the new vehicle market in that month.

Audi e-Tron overtakes Tesla Model 3 as Norway's top-selling vehicle.

The purchase tax for all new cars in Norway is calculated by a combination of weight, Carbon dioxide and NOx emissions. This is one of the reasons that the EV adoption rate is so high in Norway compared to other countries.

The policy has turned the country's auto market into a laboratory for automakers seeking a path to a future without internal combustion engines, vaulting new brands and models to the top of bestseller lists in recent years. Tesla's mid-sized SUV, the Model Y, is due to reach the Norwegian market this year, as are the first electric SUVs from Ford, BMW and Volkswagen.

The advances have also come at a steep price tag for the country.

The seller of Daimler AG's Mercedes-Benz as well as the Kia, Peugeot, Opel, Citroen, DS and Smart brands, predicted around 70% of its sales would be of fully electric models in 2021.

"Our preliminary forecast is for electric cars to surpass 65% of the market in 2021", said Christina By who heads the Norwegian EV Association, an interest group. Volkswagen's Audi was Norway's market leader in 2020, selling 9,227 of its e-tron.

The Nordic country, where electricity is primarily produced from hydroelectric dams, aims to have all new cars being zero-emission by 2025.

Cars with diesel-only engines have fallen from a height of being 75.7 per cent of the Norweigen vehicle market in 2011 to just 8.6 per cent in 2020.

141,412 new cars were sold in Norway previous year, of which 76,789 were fully electric.