No Man's Sky Origins Update Revealed

Image via Hello Games

Here's a look at the No Man's Sky Origins Launch trailer.

First up, there's a lot of new planets. Hello Games is also promising sandworms and winged creatures, including beetles and butterflies, that hover close to the ground.

Hello Games has announced that No Man's Sky's Origins update is out now on PS4 and it brings with it a host of new updates, including a revamped UI, improved planet diversity, and new planets to explore. They have been replaced with a new, smaller number of materials.

"It's taken us a while to figure out how best to do it and how to make it work".

Updating the core of No Man's Sky - fixing the game's foundation while millions of people are living in its house - included building "so many things we wanted to do, would have loved to do day one", but are hard because the game is a living thing. Aliens can also exhibit new behaviours and group up into larger herds than before. "I would be working on things like making mountains taller, and you'd see online that somebody has dedicated a planet to a lost loved one and built a base for them". This goes with the palette of colors that the game now offers, as there are now more variations for players to discover than what could be found before. New life has been breathed into every planet in the universe.

Planets now have more severe weather patterns depending on their environment. Kinda like that. Update 3.0 aims to make the universe "stranger, richer, and more varied" across the board. During Exploration, you will now be able to upgrade various technologies through black market traders who will frequently land across planets. No Man's Sky Origins aims to correct that critique by injecting an absolutely mind-blowing amount of new stuff into the proc-gen equation, to include vast improvements to terrain generation.

No Man's Sky is a game about exploration and survival in a procedurally generated galaxy.