No "Actionable Inputs" To Show Drug, Film Industry Nexus: Government

Kangana Ranaut and Jaya Bachchans spat intensifies after gutter remarks

"Ravi Kishen, BJP MP, had a day earlier spoken about the drug abuse in the Indian film industry which was slammed by Mrs Bachchan as she said, "Just because of a few people, you can not tarnish the whole industry".

Veteran Bollywood actress and Samajwadi Party MP Jaya Bachchan recently invoked a Zero Hour notice to raise her voice against the ubiquitous flak that Bollywood has been drawing from all sections of the media and social media. Jaya Bachchan said that "They bite the hands that feed them".

Misogyny and sexism dominated social media again after actor-politician Jaya Bachchan defended Bollywood on the drugs issue.

Jaya had also condemned Ravi Kishan's remarks against Bollywood and said: "Just because there are some people, you can't tarnish the image of the entire industry". There is a continuous process to defame the industry for the things done by a handful, she added. Her statement and posturing is quite shallow and shameful.

She also blasted BJP parliamentarian Ravi Kishan, a noted Bhojpuri and Hindi film actor, for his statement on Monday. "Is this what, the acclaimed member from the first family of Bollywood be doing?"

After parliamentarian and veteran actor Jaya Bachchan criticized all those who have been attacking Bollywood, actor Kangana Ranaut has hit back at her. "Film industry is a source of employment for scores of people", she said. "It is a shame".

She said that there are people in the industry, who are the highest tax payers and they are being harassed. But ofcourse, they will come out asking for "protection" for bullywood's drug cartel. They come and speak for them, support them, when there is a national calamity they come forward, give their money.

This comes at the time when the Narcotics Control Bureau is investigating the alleged drug use and supply in the industry that had surfaced during a probe into the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput. I think the government must support this industry and not kill it. He had praised the NCB and urged the central government to "take strict action against the culprits". Ranaut wrote. "Would you say the same thing if Abhishek complained about bullying and harassment constantly and [was] found hanging one day? Show compassion for us also".