Niantic Is Now Worth Billions

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Nintendo posted its worst drop in 26 years on Monday, and in today's session continued to tumble, after the company said the record-breaking Pokemon Go app would not be a strong earnings driver.

Pokemon GO's success has triggered massive buying in Nintendo shares and even with Monday's decline, the shares are still up some 60 per cent compared with levels prior to the game's July 6 launch in the United States, Australia and New Zealand, adding almost $12 billion in market value.

Alongside Friday's Japanese launch of the app, Nintendo issued a statement warning investors that its effect on this week's first-quarter earnings would be "limited". Nintendo did not develop or publish the game, rather Nintendo had a 32 per cent stake in The Pokemon Company, the business that markets and licenses the Pokemon franchise to outside developers. Since, Tokyo stock exchange rules prevent share prices fluctuating more than 18% in a single day, it is expected that Nintendo's stock could continue to fall over the coming days.

Pokemon Go isn't going anywhere any time soon - and we're secretly okay with that.

It's also worth noting that the release dates for all the other features have also yet to be determined at this point, so players will want to keep an eye out for any new developments related to these upcoming "Pokemon Go" updates.

By now, many "Pokemon Go" players have chosen their teams but now, those teams have leaders to go along with them.

The other possible addition to the game is the customizable Pokestop, where the players will be allowed to enhance or change the functions of a particular Pokestop, possibly turning it into a healing center.

If you still haven't read much about the annoying glitch, the 3 steps bug results in every Pokemon in Pokemon GO being shown in the nearby section with three steps. Also factored in is the strong yen that cuts into the company's earnings overseas.

The worldwide success of Pokémon Go recently sent Nintendo shares up over 70% last week, according to IGN. This alongside the Hong Kong release may see a lot of new strain on the servers.