New York City Setting Up COVID-19 Checkpoints on Roadways

People take a walk on the High Line in New York City

A Rhodes Scholar, he has served as a White House Fellow in the Obama Administration and was the principal health advisor to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

The goal is to track travelers and city residents returning home from more than 30 states now designated by ny state as coronavirus hotspots. In the city's highly politicised environment, the previous health commissioner, Oxiris Barbot, resigned on Tuesday expressing "deep disappointment" with de Blasio, who had sidelined her and her health department, relying instead on the Health + Hospitals corporation. The former commissioner and other higher-ups reportedly butted heads with de Blasio from the earliest days of the pandemic in March, largely over concerns that the mayor wasn't listening to health experts. By August, there were 18,933 New York City residents confirmed to have died of coronavirus and more than 222,000 positive cases had been confirmed.

As the early-days epicenter of the pandemic, NY is determined not to allow its progress in terms of COVID-19 containment be thwarted. Although the city which has had more than 222,000 Covid-19 cases with over 23,000 deaths is seeing only under 100 new daily cases this month, it will be facing new challenges. Beginning on Thursday, the mayor's Public Engagement Unit - civilians, not police - will be intercepting travelers at Penn Station, the primary entry point to the city for train travelers, and presenting them with the forms. He received his medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania and trained at Harvard Medical School. He came to New York City in 2011 and worked as special adviser to then-New York City Health Commissioner Thomas Farley.

Officials did not say where they would set up checkpoints or whether they would be at all bridges and tunnels across the city.

Barbot's resignation is just the latest note in de Blasio's checkered track record with female leaders.

It was after this that the NYPD called for her resignation. Chokshi will be another man leading a city agency, but as the son of immigrants from India, he will help the de Blasio administration's leadership reflect the diversity of the city. According to Mayor Bill de Blasio, the changes will be coming to bridges and tunnels across all five boroughs. "Let's be clear, the help we need is to make sure we can keep all of our public services - we're talking about safety, health, education - they're all on the line now if we do not get federal support soon".

The mayor's replacement, Dr. Chokshi lives a few blocks from Elmhurst Hospital with his wife and infant.