New Google App feature makes life a whole lot easier

Google’s “search hum” feature is already working

You remember at least a few lines so that you can search it on Google and find the song.

Best of all, Google even claim that you don't need to be a natural born singer to use this new feature, with the algorithm automatically processing your melodic data and presenting the options back to based on the most likely options.

Here, we just randomly yelled out random BlackPink Boombayah lyrics and surprisingly, Google managed to figure it out!

The new feature was announced in a company blogpost by Krishna Kumar, senior product manager at Google Search. You can hum, sing or whistle the tune to your phone. The feature is initially available in English on iOS and in more than 20 languages on Android. "Today at Search On, we announced that Google can now help you figure it out - no lyrics, artist name or ideal pitch required". Google says the vehicles will be viewed in 3D on a generic background, a stylized background, or in real-life using AR through the camera.

The search engine giant announced new ways users can use Google Lens and augmented reality (AR) while learning and shopping as part of its SearchOn event on Thursday. You can select the song to listen to it and see if it's the one that's been stuck in your head.

I say, "should" because I tried it, and couldn't get it to work. An easy way to explain it is that a song's melody is like its fingerprint: they each have their own unique identity. With the help of machine learning techniques, you will be able to identify it.

These were the details of the news The humming feature of Google search discovers the song for this day.

The models are trained to identify songs based on a variety of sources, including humans singing, whistling or humming, as well as studio recordings.