New Facebook logo arrives as its 'family' grows

Facebook’s new branding distinguishes app from acquisitions		
	Josh Constine

		10 hours

"The new brand system uses custom typography, rounded corners, open tracking and capitalization to create visual distinction between the company and the app", said Facebook. This move appears sensible as only 29% of United States adults surveyed this summer knew that both WhatsApp and Instagram were owned by Facebook. At the same time, the company wants to make clearer where these apps come from rather than having them act as completely separate entities.

The new logo is expected to roll out in various Facebook-owned products across the coming weeks.

So Facebook - excuse us, FACEBOOK - owns Instagram, Whatsapp and Messenger.

While Facebook is still very popular, the service has negative connotations attached to it and for good reason - Facebook has been mired in controversies, privacy scandals and other issues consistently for years now, making it hard to trust the company.

The Facebook main app and website will retain their familiar blue brand. Soon, if the company can navigate its way through a maze of regulatory and public perception challenges, it may also include Calibra, the digital wallet for its new cryptocurrency, Libra; one day, it could even include a Facebook-branded brain-computer interface. In the meantime, Facebook has also launched products like its Portal video conferencing smart displays, which also use the "from Facebook" branding. It's not a new logo for the social-media service named Facebook. Facebook started 15 years ago and has grown to acquire popular platforms that form part of its ecoystem. This will be useful for when you use Instagram, for example. Lucio told the network that Pew Research Centre polling showed about 29 per cent of users didn't know Facebook owns both Instagram and WhatsApp, but "When they know, the overall appreciation for the Facebook family actually grows".

"We wanted the brand to connect thoughtfully with the world and the people in it", Facebook said.

Lucio also made known that the company would bring other features to the apps while hinting that it had contemplated changing the entire company name.