New England Patriots: AFC East update

Tom Brady needs to answer questions about his support of Donald Trump

After Buffalo stopped New England on a 4-and-1 of their own at the Buffalo 41, Taylor led a second straight scoring drive. The Patriots have put the summer of deflated footballs behind them and started off the season with a pair of victories that have showcased their quarterback.

There is no stopping Tom Brady of the New England Patriots in 2015. On defense we gave up 466 yards passing. "It was right after the game, and you're still buzzing from the game. I definitely love listening to him and taking what I have and bringing it out there on the field and doing what I have to do". "Like I said, it's early in the season, you don't want to show your hand to everybody, we've just got to keep playing". To their credit they were buzzing the tackles, and had eight sacks.

The biggest weakness for Brady is that the offensive line is comprised of three rookies so he doesn't have too long to develop plays, but he somehow still makes it work with presnap motions to ensure his first read is for a positive play. With the NFL team's quarterback shoved into center stage and alleged of cheating on football games, the reputation of the Super Bowl champions has been under close scrutiny by the media and the public.

Bob Kravitz nailed it in his preview: Yeah, yeah, Patriots fans and Bob Kravitz may not get along now, but let's check out how things began. "I obviously have to control my emotions a little better".

He remained a back without a team until signing a reserve-futures contract with the Patriots late last season, which kept him off New England's roster through the Super Bowl run, but kept him in the organization for the offseason workout program and training camp. I've got nothing but respect for Sergio.

They must prove their ability to find motivation, to take the task seriously, to ignore the perceptions and to treat this like a test as legitimate as the first two. "I think it's a cool opportunity". That grace period, however, won't last forever. "Win, lose, or draw the sun's going to come up tomorrow and we've got to get ready to play the Dolphins next week". It will be Brown's second trip to Foxborough, Massachusetts, since Gronkowski 'threw him out of the club'.

You can't point fingers at him and say he missed these throws-some guys messed up on routes with depth. They didn't really run anyone - just 12 non-Brady attempts - but Lewis got 40 yards and a touchdown on seven carries.

Tom Brady leaves federal court in Manhattan Aug. 31 2015
Tom Brady leaves federal court in Manhattan Aug. 31 2015

"It's an opponent and a coaching staff that we hold in high regard, yet this game, like I said, in our guys' minds and our coaches' minds it's about what we do and our approach and how we go up there and take this challenge on".

What it shouldn't be is a 41-10 or 44-17 type score, results that the Jaguars had in two of their first four games a year ago. Hopefully, it can be a good balance.

"Bortles creates a lot of problems for you", Belichick said.

Harvin echoed Watkins' sentiments about the offense just needing time to come together.

"I've played with so many great players", Brady said Wednesday in front of his locker. We got to move the ball down the field, for the most part.


Here's some more red zone work from Gronk, this one from his week 1, 3 touchdown performance against the Pittsburgh Steelers.