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NBC getting backlash over town hall decision

Trump has shown his hand, nothing in his back pocket

Sean Hannity accused NBC News Thursday night of turning its town hall with President Trump into a "political debate" with the president and moderator Savannah Guthrie on opposite sides.

Joe Biden is thanking some Republican donors as he celebrates a record-breaking campaign fundraising haul from last month.

On Twitter, the #BoycottNBC hashtag started trending soon after the announcement.

CEO Jack Dorsey also said Twitter's communication about its actions Wednesday "was not great" and that blocking users from sharing the articles without any context was "unacceptable".

Mr Biden told his virtual town hall in Philadelphia, broadcast by the ABC network, that he doesn't trust Donald Trump's promise of a coronavirus vaccine being available soon. "Nothing whatsoever." He said he wasn't sure whether he was tested on the day of his debate with Biden.

Following the CPD announcement last week, Biden's campaign asked that the town hall debate be moved to October 22, the date of the third presidential debate. Early voting has already began in both states. Eastern, but Biden will have the last word. George Stephanopoulos will moderate.

Democrats around the country saw a massive influx of cash after the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Biden raised more than US$31 million in the day after his first debate with Trump.

On Thursday morning, more than 100 content creators and primetime stars sent a letter to NBC and Comcast officials urging them to switch the time of the town hall, while figures like legendary investigative reporter Carl Bernstein said that the network was getting played by the Trump campaign.

Veteran journalist Jeff Greenfield called it "indefensible" in a Twitter post.

The Democratic nominee also said what Mr Trump says about vaccine candidates is "crazy stuff". Trump blew up at Guthrie, insisting that he did denounce white supremacy days later on TKTKT, but refused to answer why he didn't at the debate. Lester Holt hosted the Biden event. "If we were to move our town hall with President Trump to a later timeslot we would be violating our commitment to offer both campaigns access to the same audience and the same forum". Every NBC News staffer will be tested on site in Miami.

On Wednesday during his Des Moines, Iowa campaign rally, Trump criticised Facebook and Twitter for "taking negative posts down" about the Post report.

Following his recovery from the coronavirus, Trump was not required to wear a mask onstage.