NBA Postpones 2020 NBA Draft Combine & Draft Lottery

NBA advises no coronavirus tests for players, staff without symptoms

With the league still in a holding pattern and a return date for games yet to determined, the NBA indefinitely postponed the 2020 NBA Draft Lottery and Draft Combine on Friday, as reported by The Athletic's Shams Charania. The combine was scheduled for May 21-24.

What's important to take note of in this statement is the information that isn't present in it.

The NHL Draft could also still go ahead in June after all, and there are already examples from the NFL and an in-house league the National Basketball Association operates, the WNBA, of conducting drafts online, so a precedent is there and the draft could still go ahead as scheduled right now.

Sources told ESPN that a memo was circulated league-wide, in which the National Basketball Association informed their teams that it would not be "appropriate in the current public health environment", to test their asymptomatic players.

For those who are not steeped in the mechanics of how the NBA Draft actually functions, this is critically important, as the regular season records of each team plays the biggest role in what order all teams select.

The NBA has set a date for league practice facilities to re-open, however, that doesn't mean they're ready to start testing their asymptomatic players for the coronavirus. Pushing back the start of the season would make it more likely that the National Basketball Association would be able to play games in arenas full of fans. However, the expectation is the draft will also be moved back at the urging of National Basketball Association executives. The group didn't vote to postpone the draft but Wojnarowski stats that his sources still expect that to happen eventually.