National Football League hopes 'everyone' will get vaccinated, but won't be requirement

Shipment of the Moderna vaccine arrives in Toronto

If the variants continue to spread, longer-range forecasts predict that current community-based public health measures will be insufficient to control rapid growth and resurgence.

DSHS said this is to ensure vaccination of anyone 80 or older with as small a burden on themselves as possible. It was the first shipment of Moderna vaccines to Canada.

Another 846,000 doses of the Moderna vaccine are also being delivered, though there was word late Thursday that a batch of almost 600,000, which was expected to arrive on the weekend, has been delayed until April 1. Besides, 2,42,50,649 beneficiaries more than 60-years-old and 54,31,424 beneficiaries aged 45 to 60 with specific comorbidities were also administered the first dose.

Canada has received 5.9 million vaccine doses so far and expects to get 3.2 million next week, including from Pfizer Inc, AstraZeneca Plc from the USA and the rescheduled Moderna shipment.

Health Canada noted Thursday it has updated the product label for the AstraZeneca vaccine to warn about blood clotting. A total of 5,46,65,820 vaccine doses have been given, according to the provisional report till 7 pm. Those aged 20 to 39 years of age now have the highest incidence rate in Canada. To date, the virus has killed 22,759 people across the country.

Speaking Thursday on the NFL Network, Dr. Allen Sills said he hopes "everyone" will get vaccinated and added that "you'll see vaccinated individuals be able to have certain privileges, and certain precautions that are lifted that won't apply to unvaccinated individuals". "That's months ahead of schedule, and we are mobilizing thousands of vaccinators to put the vaccine in one's arm". Just under 600,000 doses due for delivery tomorrow won't arrive until the end of next week-'at the latest, ' according to Moderna.

Meanwhile, India continues to witness a surge in new COVID-19 cases as 59,118 fresh infections and 257 deaths were reported in the country in the last 24 hours, the Union Health Ministry informed on Friday.

In Alberta, health officials reported 764 cases and three deaths.

- With files from Kevin Bissett in Fredericton and Laura Dhillon Kane in Vancouver.