NASA Joins Federal Agency Network against Trump Policy


Following a gag order from President Trump, which suspends social media use of federal employees and agencies, U.S. government scientists have taken the fight for information sharing on Twitter. While the official NASA account appears to still be tweeting about climate change for now, hundreds of thousands of people are now putting pressure on Trump to keep his hands off of the agency's research.

The sneakily named @BadIandsNPS (that's a capital "i" in the middle) now has just over 500 followers and a single tweet, a day after it garnered nearly 50,000 followers for tweeting a stream of climate change facts intermingled with criticism of Donald Trump.

A former Badlands National Park Service employee then Tweeted under the park's official Twitter feed some climate change facts in defiance of Trump.

Other government employees have also confirmed receiving instructions from the new administration to take down specific webpages and limit their use of social networking sites.

Speaking to The Associated Press, Trump's EPA transition team communications director, Doug Ericksen, said there was no mandate to subject scientific research to political review, but that the Trump administration is "taking a look at everything on a case-by-case basis, including the web page and whether climate stuff will be taken down".

However, earlier this week the National Park Service launched their own rogue Twitter account at @AltNatParkSer which is beyond the reach of the Trump administration as it is an unofficial account.

Some of those running the other alternative accounts also claimed to be disgruntled government agency workers, at least going by their tweets. It quickly gained more than one million followers. A message on the account reads "You can take our official twitter, but you'll never take our free time!" The official EPA Twitter account has not posted since 19 January, a day before Mr Trump's inauguration.

"Can't wait for President Trump to call us FAKE NEWS".

The rogue Twitter accounts are a nascent form of resistance against Trump's budding policy ideals. Joining them now is someone who seemingly works for NASA.

An account dubbed @ungaggedEPA invited followers to visit its feeds of "ungagged news, links, tips and conversation that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is unable to tell you", adding that it was "Not directly affiliated with @EPA". "We must be Trump's worst nightmare". The National Park Service, NASA and other governmental agencies have set up different rogue Twitter accounts in order to have discourse with the public.