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'Most prolific U.S. serial killer' admits to 93 murders, draws victims' faces

Most Prolific US Serial Killer Murdered At Least 50 Believed He Would Get Away

After he was transferred to Texas on a separate murder case, Little would later confess to Texas Ranger James Holland and FBI investigators to killing 93 women across the country, including Hill.

Little said he deliberately targeted people whose disappearances or deaths would not be a surprise - drug addicts, grifters and prostitutes.

Many of Little's victims were originally thought to have died from overdoses or in accidents, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said.

The FBI provided 30 drawings of some of his victims - color portraits that were drawn by Little himself in prison. In regarded as one of many movies, Tiny describes how he strangled a lady in 1993 then rolled her down a slope onto a desolated road.

Previously Gary Ridgway, known as the "Green River Killer", was considered the US's most prolific serial killer, having pleaded guilty in 2001 to killing 49 women and girls. He was eventually convicted in 2014 and sentenced to three life sentences.

However, there are still dozens of confessions with unnamed victims, including more than half a dozen in Florida.

Little, who lived a nomadic lifestyle, claims to have killed 93 women as he crisscrossed the country over the years.

Little confessed to killing Lane in November 2018, describing specific details about where her body was found and the clothing she was wearing, according to Perry police chief Jamie Cruse.

"I would be suspicious of believing him, except it was actually corroborated", said Marina Sorochinski, a professor of criminal justice at Mercy College in NY. The FBI calls the 79-year-old the worst serial killer in USA history. "Strong cooperation and information sharing between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and its partners resulted in successful connections to Little's crimes, ultimately bringing him to justice and helping victims' families through the closure process". "She was tall for a woman".

In a case out of Tennessee, for example, Martha Cunningham's body was found bruised and nude from the waist down in the woods in 1975, her pantyhose and girdle bunched around her knees. The medical examiner's investigative report lists the probable cause of death as "unknown".

For years Little denied that he was responsible for any of them. One of the cases centers around a woman that Little reportedly met in Little Rock, Arkansas between 1992 and 1994.

That's three times the number of victims Ted Bundy confessed to killing. John Wayne Gacy killed at least 33 boys and young men in the 1970s.