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Moldova election: Pro-EU candidate Sandu leads in preliminary results

Moldova election: Pro-EU candidate Sandu leads in preliminary results

Voters in Moldova are going to the polls Sunday for the second round of presidential election to choose between the pro-Moscow incumbent Igor Dodon and pro-European opposition leader Maia Sandu.

After the counting of 99.95% of the ballots cast in the second round of the elections, she led with 57.74% of the votes, according to data from the country's electoral commission.

Sandu, who secured more votes in the presidential runoff in Moldova, said Monday she wanted to meet with the parliamentary factions to address key issues. I congratulated her on her victory in the presidential elections in Moldova.

Moldova was recently rocked by controversy after around $1 billion was stolen from its banks by one of the country's richest citizens.

Moldova is one of Europe's poorest nations and has suffered a sharp economic downturn during the coronavirus pandemic.

"We know that Maia Sandu said she would work in the interests of the Moldovan people, and we're convinced that building good and close relations, co-operation in all areas with our country, Russia, is in the interest of the Moldovan people", Peskov told reporters.

European Union member Romania and pro-Western Ukraine quickly congratulated Sandu.

O felicit pe Maia Sandu pentru victoria categorică din alegerile prezidențiale!

Dodon's defeat is also a clear defeat for Russian President Vladimir Putin, who had explicitly supported his companion, and is now witnessing a new display of anti-Russian impatience in the territories of the former Soviet empire.

Polls published in the run-up to Sunday's vote showed the two candidates in a tight race that could be decided by the diaspora, which local media reported had turned up in large numbers.

"One is doing their best for Russian Federation, the other for North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, so there is a bloodbath here", he told AFP while in a long line to vote in Varnita.

After casting her vote in the capital, Chisinau, on Sunday, Ms Sandu called for "maximum vigilance" against possible fraud.

"Igor Dodon's campaign focused on stability".

Moldova has close historical ties with neighbouring Romania and the two countries share a common language.

Faced this year with multiple protest movements targeting its allies in Belarus and Kyrgyzstan, Russia will be watching Sunday's vote closely.

President Dodon, meanwhile, is openly backed by Russian Federation.

"The preliminary results showed that Maia Sandu won".

Many former Dodon supporters said they were happy with the results.