Misdial prevents Bills assistant coach Rob Ryan from getting robbed


The story includes includes some unusual details and says that police informed Ryan of the threats after a federal worker received a voicemail intended for someone else that described Ryan as a target.

Rob Ryan, the current Bills assistant who spent his previous three seasons as the Saints defensive coordinator, was targeted in an ambush plot past year by two unsafe criminals, according to police. Police eventually linked the number to two suspects, who have since been jailed on suspicion of a number of charges (unrelated to Ryan plot), including armed robbery, conspiracy to commit armed robbery and attempted murder. A wanna-be criminal had dialed the wrong number and left a voicemail explaining his elaborate plan to rob Rex Ryan. He's just a regular football coach ...

The accidental recipient of the voicemail immediately reported it to the police, who then stationed cops outside Ryan's home for the weekend to prevent any wrongdoing.

As told by The New Orleans Advocate, a woman who moved to New Orleans previous year had a new cell phone and kept receiving phone calls from a local number she did not recognize.

Ryan was sacked in defensive coordinator of the Saints. "He don't have no bodyguards ... in front his house". That being said, it still has one definitive advantage: Catching criminals dumb enough to leave a voicemail revealing their plans to commit a crime. When contacted by a reporter at the time, police said they had reason to believe Ryan could be in danger and that they were providing security. The phone number that left the voice message traced back to the men. Two alleged conspirators, Jockquaren Van Norman and Larry Quinn, were tied to the voicemails. One of the men involved was arrested last November on charges that included conspiracy to commit murder, armed robbery and conspiracy to commit armed robbery.