Miracle baby defies odds, celebrates birthday

Jaxon has Anencephaly a condition that causes malformations of the skull and brain. Source Supplied

Brittany and Brandon Buell from Tavares in Florida were told their son had a rare neural tube birth defect called Microhydranencephaly where part of brain and the skull do not form properly. Microhydranencephaly can cause microcephaly and scalp rugae which means Jaxon's head is smaller than normal.

Approximately one in 4,859 babies are born with the condition in the USA but most die in the womb or shortly after birth.

His proud parents Brittany and Brandon are now sharing their story in order to show others than the condition will not define Jaxon's life. "Of course, I lost it at work so they sent me home and the rest of the day was a blur truly".

News of the child's miraculous survival was read by hundreds of thousands after his first birthday in August, though some said that Brandon and his wife Brittany were "selfish" or should have aborted the child to avoid the pain he will suffer. Jaxon was our baby, and we only had one shot to do everything we could for him, ' he said.

Yet Brittany and Brandon still wake up everyday knowing the reality they face - that Jaxon may not be here tomorrow. Brittany said: 'I was devastated. 'It took all the joy away from me.

"No matter who you are or what you believe in, it's clear that Jaxon's tiny footprints will have a lasting impression on this world, and that he has already touched and inspired more lives in one year than most of us ever will in our lifetime". We continue to ask for support and prayers, as it is a blessing that his Mom continues to stay home with him for constant care'.

Mr and Mrs Buell, who are both devout Christians, refused to abort baby Jaxon saying it wasn't their decision to make.

Jaxon earned the nickname
Jaxon earned the nickname"Jaxon Strong online. Source Supplied

For the next few weeks, the anxious couple were transferred between doctors and given five possible conditions of what it could be.

Brandon said: 'It was very emotional.

"When we first learned there were concerns for Jax during the pregnancy, we were given the options of carrying him to term of having an abortion because there was the unknown issue", Buell said.

Miracle baby... Jaxon Emmett Buell recently turned one.

Despite the possibility Jaxon could be stillborn, 27-year-old Brittany carried him till he was born by Caesarian in Augusts 2014. He weighed just 1.8kgs.


Buell said his son is learning and developing while "talking up a storm" and saying words like "mama" and "addy" for "daddy". If we can keep Brittany at home, giving him that 24/7 care is truly priceless and that's what his account allows us to do'.