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Minneapolis arena relents on Trump rally security bill

Most cities never bother to send a bill assuming politicians won't pay. Duluth ate $69,000 in police costs for a Trump rally last year

"I don't have time, with a city of 430,000 people, to be tweeting garbage out, so it's kinda surprising when the president of the United States, a country with 327 million people, has the time to do this himself", he concluded.

President Barack Obama speaks about healthcare reform during a rally at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota on September 12, 2009.

Opening the press conference, Frey criticized Trump directly.

"The arena in Minneapolis has been fully approved", Parscale said. To Donal Trump's broadside over the city's security bill for a rally at the Target canter.

After saying the Trump campaign is hiring so many staffers in Minnesota that "we just can't keep up", the party added, "Here's the bottom line: There is no path to a Democratic victory in the presidential race without Minnesota in the blue column".

The city gave AEG the estimated associated costs for security and other issues and the company was trying to pass the costs onto the campaign, the campaign said, calling it a violation of the contract it signed with AEG.

"While there is no legal mechanism to prevent the president from visiting, his message of hatred will never be welcome in Minneapolis", Frey said in a September statement.

Trump's campaign claimed Monday that Frey was "abusing the power of his office and attempting to extort President Trump's re-election campaign" through an allegedly "phony" security bill.

A representative for AEG declined to comment on the president's threat or to confirm whether the event would take place as scheduled, but preparations for the rally appear to be going ahead.

Trump came within 1.5 percentage points of beating Hillary Clinton in Minnesota, a state that hasn't picked a Republican for president since Richard Nixon's landslide win in 1972. He told the Dump Frey, and Omar would make America great again.

His campaign paid for the Civic Center costs, but the city did pay for the rest.

"The cities dispatched police officers to secure Trump's events because they believe public safety required it - and the U.S. Secret Service asked for it".

"Welcome to Minneapolis where we cover our bills we govern with integrity, and we all love all our neighbors", Frey stated in a different tweet. Trump similarly accused Frey of trying to "price out Free Speech". The city's police union spokesman has complained about the policy, and the union is selling "Cops for Trump" T-shirts.

The rally, Trump's first since the House moved toward impeachment over his handling of a phone call with Ukraine's president, is in a state Trump almost won in 2016 and has talked frequently of capturing in 2020. The Police are fighting the Radical Left Mayor, and his ridiculous Uniform Ban.

"I would call Mr. Trump's visit to Minnesota just another stop along the road to impeachment", McCollum said. "Want to bring home". I am with you 100%!'