Mike Tyson Explains Bizarre 'Good Morning Britain' Interview, I Was Tired!

Mike Tyson Explains Bizarre 'Good Morning Britain' Interview, I Was Tired!

But during the segment, Tyson mumbled, slurred words, looked off-camera in distraction, and at one point even seemed ready to doze off.

Mike Tyson has explained his odd, groggy-seeming behaviour during a freaky television interview on Tuesday morning.

At stages, Tyson appeared to be unable to keep his eyes open and some of his responses to questions were slower than usual but the former heavyweight champion has assured fans it was no more than a case of being exhausted due to the time difference.

But it appears Tyson has now put those anxious viewers at ease after issuing an official apology via Twitter explaining his reasons for looking (and sounding) so drowsy.

"Hey mate @piersmorgan @GMB @susannareid100 and UK".

Tyson later revealed late-night exhaustion was the real reason for his behaviour and that he fell asleep trying to stay up for the interview in Los Angeles. I'm training hard and going to sleep early. "I had no monitor so I couldn't see you guys and forgot to look into digicam".

"I think it's very wonderful that we're fighting together", said a tired-looking Tyson, who was seen rubbing his head and moving slightly out of camera view on multiple occasions throughout.

Roy Jones Jr has claimed he is prepared to die in his mouthwatering comeback fight with boxing legend Mike Tyson next month.

Piers Morgan replied to Mike on Twitter - saying, "No problem, Champ. Recognize this message as some viewers have been involved".

Speaking on the show about the upcoming bout, Tyson said: "I am just ready to do this, I feel really good, I am ready to do this".

The odd interview had folks on both sides of the Atlantic wondering just what the heck was going on with Iron Mike.

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