Microsoft U-turns on Xbox Live Gold price increase after backlash from gamers

Xbox Live Gold is getting a big price hike		
	Greg Kumparak

		13 hours

Earlier today, Microsoft upset thousands of potential Xbox Live Gold subscribers by announcing that the company would raise the base cost of new subscriptions.

Admitting that "We messed up today and you were right to let us know", the company announced that not only will pricing not change, but it's also working on enabling free multiplayer for free-to-play games like Fortnite and Apex Legends and its upcoming title Halo Infinite. Now it states that there will be "No Changes to Xbox Live Gold Pricing".

"Xbox also still remains the only platform you need a subscription to play free to play games, including Warzone", gaming news site Charlie Intel tweeted.

Microsoft has done away with its 12-month Xbox Live Gold membership program.

Users are protesting against Microsoft and Xbox's new prices for the Live Gold, which is universally known as the cheaper version of the Xbox Game Pass, which is fairly a new service. The Xbox team wrote in a blog post on Friday that, "In many markets, the price of Xbox Live Gold has not changed for years and in some markets, it hasn't changed for over 10 years". While Game Pass provides great value for many players, the change in the Gold price came off as an attempt to nudge people into paying for the more expensive service. You can still do a straight upgrade from Live Gold to Game Pass Ultimate, converting an existing subscription 1:1 when signing up for Ultimate, with a limit of up to 3 years. If you are in a region where prices are adjusting, you will receive an email and a notification from the message center within the next month informing them of the new price for your membership. And that's where the cost sees the biggest increase.

The others: The Resident Evil remake is likewise out there all month. For the price of two fully priced games, players can get access to a large library of 100+ games to play on demand. Lower. Microsoft's push with Game Pass Ultimate clearly shows that they want that to be the main service they provide, but that service doesn't fit into every gamer's lifestyle.

Microsoft's initial announcement of the price increase was poorly received throughout the day, so it seems as though the company was paying attention and chose to quickly reverse the decision. The 6 month subscription was set to cost $59.99.

Moving forward, those who purchase Xbox Live Gold codes can expect to pay twice as much for an annual membership.

Gears 5, a staple of Xbox Game Pass since the day it launched in September 2019, is the extra game.