Microsoft Teams takes on Zoom with new features like video filters, emojis


The tech giant has revamped its video conferencing solution keeping in mind the "future of remote work and education", it said.

Here is a video of how the feature works. While Microsoft Teams, Zoom and others have helped bridge the gap, 60% feel less connected, according to a Microsoft survey. Soon, chats sent during a Teams meeting will surface on the screens of all meeting participants, making the chat more central to the conversation.

They found that 60 percent of people felt less connected to their colleagues since going to a more remote work set-up.

These new features including modifications to the user experience, increasing participant limit and AI integration with Microsoft's own video assistant, Cortana. A view-only meeting experience can support 20,000 participants.

"It's great for meetings in which multiple people will speak, such as brainstorms or roundtable discussions, because it makes it easier for participants to understand who is talking", Spataro wrote.

While the auditorium view is the first for the Together mode, other virtual spaces will be coming as well, including a cafe mode. It will be generally available in August. Using Artificial Intelligence, this mode will dynamically optimise the video participants as well as shared content.

Dynamic View gives users more control over how you see shared content and other participants in a meeting.

Video filters: Before joining a meeting, users can now use filters to adjust lighting levels and soften the focus of the camera to customize their appearances.

Reflect messaging extension: This is one of the more interesting of the new additions. They can also choose to make poll results anonymous.

Live reactions: Users can now react during meetings using emojis, supplementing non-verbal cues that can be hard to notice in online meetings. It also pairs with the ThinkPad X1 ANC Bluetooth Headset and for downtime features a physical privacy switch. These will automatically be saved as transcripts, so it's easier to reference older meetings.

It is also adding chat bubbles.

The platform will also provide suggested replies in Teams chat based on AI.

What follows are five major new Microsoft Teams features and announcements to know about. This includes faster load times, sticky notes, text, and drag and drop capabilities. This should really help users while presenting to a group of co-workers. In May, Teams skyrocketed to 75 Million DAUs and gained 31 million new users from the previous month of April.

Microsoft Teams has quickly become a hugely important service for Microsoft. Voice assistance will be enabled for Teams Room devices as well. These committed Teams units will involve a touchscreen and fingers-free of charge expertise via Cortana.

Coming to Teams in July Microsoft indicated some Teams software enhancements that are expected to appear in July.

Teams, which is included as part of Office 365 and Microsoft 365 subscriptions, will see updates to functionality for uses such as video meetings and personal productivity within the app.